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The lost El Greco

El Greco's Dormition of the Virgin

The island of Syros used to be mostly Catholic, a result of the Venetian expansion in the Aegean. During the Greek War of Independence (1821-1828), it was granted the protection of the Vatican and served as the landing point of refugees from Chios, Psara and Crete. The refugees founded the city of Ermoupolis, now the […]

Churches you shouldn’t miss in Thessaloniki

Churches you shouldn’t miss in Thessaloniki

Many forget that for centuries, while Athens had been reduced to a small hamlet under the Akropolis, Salonika was the biggest and most important city in the Byzantine (and later Ottoman) Empire after Constantinople/Istanbul. There is a continuity in the city’s history, which one can not find in Athens, whose sights flip-flop between ancient and […]