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A tale of Crime and Punishment on Skopelos

The church of Faneromeni, Skopelos Town, Sporades, Greece

I’m often surprised at the depth of history behind any small church in any village in Greece. Certainly in places like Spain, France or Germany they’d have a plaque or a board with a long historical exposition, a detailed brochure and maybe a trail leading up to it. In Greece, you’ll have to conduct your […]

St Andrew’s two churches in Patras

St Andrew's New Church patras, Greece

There are not just one but two churches of St Andrew in Patras. St Andrew was a busy bee as far as Apostles go. He visited Byzantium and ordained the first bishop of what would later become the patriarchate of Constantinople. He travelled around the Black Sea in today’s Georgia, Romania, Crimea and the Ukraine. […]

The House Where Pope John Paul II lived

The outside staircase of the family flat of Pope John Paul II

I expected the tour to Pope John Paul II’s – sorry Saint John Paul II’s ­– village of Wadowice to be composed of pious old ladies and arthritic old men. Instead, they are all energetic thirty-somethings, many of them singles who could be out on a bonding tour from their gum, Today’s Catholics are LOUD. […]