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Lindos: appreciating a Greek temple

St Paul's Bay, Lindos

[Click on images to enlarge] I was recently in Rhodes and I could not miss out on Lindos; everyone who’d been there was raving about it. Not only is the village picturesque, but the Acropolis looming above it  is one of the most important ancient temples in the Aegean. Only 5€ and 90 mins away […]

Greece: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

old Fix Hellas beer poster

Fix Hellas I know that “Fix Hellas” sounds like a cry of despair, but anyone who’s travelled to Greece before the early 1980s surely remembers ordering and drinking  Fix Hellas, the only beer produced in Greece with a national distribution network. The country’s Soviet-style industry control system, import controls and a small domestic market ensured […]

The Nafplion komboloï museum

A Greek komboloï in the Nafplio Museum

Madam Rallou is agitated. “A Greek komboloï is not a worry-bead” she insists. It’s a mistranslation. Write it down”. I’ve arrived in Nafplion, one-and-a-half hours out of Athens, below the ancient Mycenae and Argos. It’s December, there is an astonishing 20C outside and I’m visiting Greece’s first and only worry-bead, sorry komboloï, museum. Madam Rallou […]