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St Andrew’s two churches in Patras

St Andrew's New Church patras, Greece

There are not just one but two churches of St Andrew in Patras. St Andrew was a busy bee as far as Apostles go. He visited Byzantium and ordained the first bishop of what would later become the patriarchate of Constantinople. He travelled around the Black Sea in today’s Georgia, Romania, Crimea and the Ukraine. […]

Semana Santa in Seville

Madonna Esperanza, Semana Santa, Seville

The Semana Santa in Seville, Andalucia’s sprightly capital, is the week of religious celebrations that takes place between Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resurrección) every year. It is the biggest and most renowned Easter festival in Spain; the locals know it, so prices double and treble during this period. Me, […]

A Modern Saint on Kimolos

The chapel of St Methodia on Kimolos

Unlike the Catholic church where saints are created at breakfast, lunch and supper, the Orthodox church doesn’t mess up its throngs with just anyone. I mean, if John Paul II had his way, the whole population of Poland would be beatified (with General Jaruzelski the patron saint of dictators). No, the Orthodox church  even used […]