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Greek railways : a lament

Corinth station sign

For someone who loves train travel like myself, nothing is sadder than the cancelling of services and the ruination of railway stations. OSE, the National Greek Railways were the first victim of the Greek crisis and almost all but the most profitable of railway services were closed and went to dust. All international lines were […]

The Trojan Camel

CAmel Oman

Theof√°neia (January 6th) is one of the most important religious celebrations in Greece. It commemorates the visit of the Three Kings to baby Jesus and the confirmation of his divinity. Everybody appreciates the presents of myrrh (we do after all still give each other perfumes) and gold (no competition there), but many are understandably confused […]

Churches you shouldn’t miss in Thessaloniki

Churches you shouldn’t miss in Thessaloniki

Many forget that for centuries, while Athens had been reduced to a small hamlet under the Akropolis, Salonika was the biggest and most important city in the Byzantine (and later Ottoman) Empire after Constantinople/Istanbul. There is a continuity in the city’s history, which one can not find in Athens, whose sights flip-flop between ancient and […]