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Bolivian Miners: a photo essay

Potosi miner getting drunk

I have been recently looking at my pictures to go with my articles on Bolivia on the Round the World Flights site. Bolivia: Beyond Adventure Did Aliens Cruise in Santa Cruz? Drinking Coca Tea Blinded By the White I am getting increasingly fond of the ones I took of the Potosí silver mine in the […]

Eating in a three-star Michelin restaurant

Napoleon gateau with three light custards

In Burgundy’s  Joigny, one of the undiscovered corners of France, (yes, there are still many) there is one of only 26 three-star Michelin restaurants in France. It belongs to Jean-Michel Lorain whose father Michel earned the first star in 1971, a second in 1976 and a third, this time with his son, in 1986. It […]

What does Metz look like?

Fishmongers in Metz covered market

I knew I’d spend my birthday in Metz, the capital of Lorraine, when I organized my press trip. I knew I would be away from family and friends with only Twitter and Facebook to keep me company. I knew that Metz would join the dubious company of Athens, London, San Francisco, Paris,Vienna, Zurich, St Ives, […]