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Images of Olympia: a photoblog

East pediment, Olympia, cupbearer youth

No one leaves Olympia unmoved. The feel of the place, although destroyed by overzealous Christians, is much more than the sum of its sights. Here is my own personal view of Olympia. Click on an image to enlarge. The devil is in the detail. Inside the museum, there is much to admire. Every exhibit tells […]

Up close and personal: The Karlskirche in Vienna

Up close and personal: The Karlskirche in Vienna

Vienna is a city I know well. I’ve been there five times and I lived in the sixth district for six months in 2002. It is a fun but misunderstood city: many think it’s all Classics and Kuchen; a strong image – the result of successful PR. After all, Austrians have convinced the world that […]

The most beautiful toilet in the world

Hundertwasser female toilet

To celebrate World Toilet Day I thought I’d post a photoblog of what must surely be the most beautiful toilet in the world. It has to be – it’s been designed by Austrian artist Frederick Hundertwasser, one of the most controversial Central European Artists. Jewish, Catholic, member of the Hitler Youth (for his own safety) […]