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Meal at the Michelin-starred Aux Terrasses in Tournus

Jean-Michel Carrette

The Aux Terrasses in Tournus is the best-value as well as least fussy Michelin-starred hotel/restaurant I’ve stayed in. A young couple, Amandine and chef Jean-Michel Carrette, run the establishment. Jean-Michel’s parents moved into what was a motor inn in 1979 when he was two years old. Jean-Michel’s parents obtained a Michelin star in 1999 but […]

Hungarian nine-course dinner

Well, I’ve been to a three-course, five-course and even a seven-course dinner (once, in the Excelsior hotel in Malta with the British Guild of Travel Writers). But a nine-course dinner was something I’d never heard of. While in Debrecen, I was invited by the mayor to a wine tasting evening in one of the town’s […]