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Best of Burgundy

Nathalie Desarmenien wife of the Fallot mustard factory

After three weeks scouring Burgundy for the Rough Guides, I thought I’d share my personal best and worst of the region. Best tip: Use Rhino Cars for car hire in France. Not only do they allow you to pick up a car in one city and leave it in another, but they also choose the […]

Chablis Heaven

Chablis vineyards

During my trip in Burgundy I left the best till last: for me, the best white wine in the world comes from a narrow strip around 25km in length on both slopes of the river Serein in north Burgundy. I refer of course to the Divine Chablis. There is a disproportionate amount of  Americans, Australians, […]

Missery Loves Company: Living in a French Chateau

Chateau Missery

What does living in a French chateau feel like? No, I don’t mean renting a room in a  seigneurial residence that’s been converted to a hostellerie. Nor do I mean renting one for 50 friends to entertain in your wedding weekend. I mean really buying one and living in it. Philip and Patricia Hawkes did […]