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A tale of Crime and Punishment on Skopelos

The church of Faneromeni, Skopelos Town, Sporades, Greece

I’m often surprised at the depth of history behind any small church in any village in Greece. Certainly in places like Spain, France or Germany they’d have a plaque or a board with a long historical exposition, a detailed brochure and maybe a trail leading up to it. In Greece, you’ll have to conduct your […]

The Dovecotes of Tinos

Typical Tinian dovecote with geometric pattern

I was fascinated by the dovecote houses of Tinos. In an arid area where cattle are conspicuous by their absence, pigeons were reared in the Cyclades for various reasons, including for food and live target practice. The latter is now banned and as for the former – you can only eat baked pigeon in one […]