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Memories of Kaikoura

View of the mountains of Kaikoura

I found the images of Kaikoura after the earthquake very upsetting, since my own memories of the two days I spent there are some of my best in New Zealand. As the town is cut off from¬† the land, businesses are struggling with their summer season ruined. Even those with insurance may not be covered […]

New Zealand Funny signs

Totally New Entrance sign

We all love mistranslated menus and hilarious signs on holiday, don’t we? The main source seems to be SE Asia where funny Chinese signs have their own pages on Buzzfeed and get shared as much as cat pictures. But what about baffling signs from a small Antipodean English-speaking country? The oddity of signs and placards […]

The most beautiful toilet in the world

Hundertwasser female toilet

To celebrate World Toilet Day I thought I’d post a photoblog of what must surely be the most beautiful toilet in the world. It has to be – it’s been designed by Austrian artist Frederick Hundertwasser, one of the most controversial Central European Artists. Jewish, Catholic, member of the Hitler Youth (for his own safety) […]