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Images of Olympia: a photoblog

East pediment, Olympia, cupbearer youth

No one leaves Olympia unmoved. The feel of the place, although destroyed by overzealous Christians, is much more than the sum of its sights. Here is my own personal view of Olympia. Click on an image to enlarge. The devil is in the detail. Inside the museum, there is much to admire. Every exhibit tells […]

New Zealand Funny signs

Totally New Entrance sign

We all love mistranslated menus and hilarious signs on holiday, don’t we? The main source seems to be SE Asia where funny Chinese signs have their own pages on Buzzfeed and get shared as much as cat pictures. But what about baffling signs from a small Antipodean English-speaking country? The oddity of signs and placards […]

Top Mispronounced Places in the World

A view of Davos, Switzerland

Having to correct several non-English speakers (and quite a few Americans) as regards the pronunciation of Leicester Square (LES-ter), Gloucester Road (GLOS-ter) or Greenwich (GREN-ich) in London, I thought I’d get this post off my chest. Queen of mispronounced locations is Davos in Switzerland that suffers from looking like a Greek resort such as Kavos. […]