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On the trail of Chatwin in Gaiman, Patagonia

Chatwin and the Williams family. L: the family's pic R: Chatwin's own pic of the scene.

“Of course people remember Chatwin,” says Waldo. “He was always in shorts. We had never seen a grown man in shorts before.” Waldo Williams is the Director of Tourism in Gaiman and, like most people in this part of Patagonia’s Chubut province, he’s a descendant of the old Welsh families who settled here in 1865. […]

Dead Russians: St Petersburg’s Czar Tombs

Church of the Blood, St Petersburg

Although you don’t often think of Russia as part of Europe, a walk in St Petersburg convinces you that, unlike Moscow, this is a city that looks more like Paris than Tehran. I mean look to your left! Then you go to the various cemeteries and you’re surprised at how many dead Russians you recognize. […]

First World War in Vienna

The car in which Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo.

This is the weekend when, 100 years ago, the major powers in Europe started declaring war on each other.  The First World War affected every country differently. In Britain, we hear a lot about Flanders, the Somme, poets such as Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen or Rupert Brooke and, of course, the restrictive alcohol licensing laws […]