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Bizzare Cyclades

Gay or what?

Well, let’s have some fun. Enough of folk history, beach images and island art. There were moments in my Greek trip – which I have milked so much this summer – that made me laugh or strain my neck incredulously. First some odd signs. Let me elaborate: I first went to Paradise on Mykonos, when […]

The Six Best Campsites in the Cyclades

Plaka, Naxos

Frankly, I think I’ve inspected every campsite in the Cyclades and sadly they seem to be diminishing in number. Bye bye Kea Camping in Korissia, Ios Camping on Yialos or Parasporos Camping on Paros. However, the ones that are still around, are still around for a reason: they are good value for money in an […]