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Confessions of a Guidebook Writer

Hotel Majestic, Santorini

The hawk-eyed must have already realised that some movie reviews appear online before a film has even been released. Typically they say: “Can’t wait!” – five stars or “How can they cast Ben Affleck in that role?” ­– one star. Strange, right? Welcome to fake online reviews. As regards consumer products, Amazon has been forced […]

My grand Bucharest Hotel

The lobby Grand Continental Bucha

  The Grand Budapest Hotel of the film may not itself exist ­ ­– its exteriors were filmed in Schloss Heinewalde in Saxony and the interiors belonged to the Warenhaus Görlitz on the Czech-German border (after extensive restoration  by Wes Anderson himself), but there are many that do. I have stayed in several grand European […]

Best of Burgundy

Nathalie Desarmenien wife of the Fallot mustard factory

After three weeks scouring Burgundy for the Rough Guides, I thought I’d share my personal best and worst of the region. Best tip: Use Rhino Cars for car hire in France. Not only do they allow you to pick up a car in one city and leave it in another, but they also choose the […]