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On the trail of Chatwin in Gaiman, Patagonia

Chatwin and the Williams family. L: the family's pic R: Chatwin's own pic of the scene.

“Of course people remember Chatwin,” says Waldo. “He was always in shorts. We had never seen a grown man in shorts before.” Waldo Williams is the Director of Tourism in Gaiman and, like most people in this part of Patagonia’s Chubut province, he’s a descendant of the old Welsh families who settled here in 1865. […]

Chile and Argentina

[Note: This is the very first travel writing I ever did in the mid 1990s and as such, it needed a little mopping up. The images can’t be clicked to be enlarged, as they had been scanned poorly. Apologies.] My first trip to Chile and Argentina lasted five weeks and was during one February and […]