2012 was a pretty hectic year for me with trips to Brazil, the Caribbean and Europe. Here are the posts made on the spot: live blogging from several countries.

After my usual January detox, first it was Switzerland in February: The Engadine valley with posts like Swiss RomanschUnfortunate Swiss names , Scuol: Hom Strom and Tarasp: The Castle That a Mouthwash Built .

My sixth trip to Brazil was in February/March. First was São Paulo Cool São PauloDown and Out in São Paulo then three weeks in Bahia:  Salvador: Pelourinho Images of Salvador Carnival 2012  Sounds of Salvador Carnival 2012Chapada Diamantina: Brazil’s adventure playground and  Porto Seguro: Brazil’s Discovery Coast . After that it was the Costa Verde between Santos and Rio de Janeiro:  Surf’s Up in Guarujá Costa Verde: The Black Fly of IlhabelaParaty: Masons and Pirates in Brazil , ‎ An Ode to Rio . Plus a Photo Essay: Brazilians

Then it was France over three months April, May and September: Alsace and Lorraine  Photo  Essay: Art Nouveau in Nancy, What does Metz look like?Where to go on the Alsace wine route , Colmar: The Pearl of Alsace  , followed by Burgundy Joigny: Eating in a three-star Michelin restaurant , Missery Loves Company: Living in a French Chateau , Cluny: Among the studs of France , Chablis Heaven , Best of Burgundy and finally Auvergne and the Massif Central: French Opening Hours, Michelin inspectors and guides: the insider infoFrench signs: Franglais or Just English? , The church of Notre-Dame-des-Malades, Vichy.

Brussels in September was my own private holiday, but October in Barbados was not. Do read about  Living like Wayne Rooney in Barbados  and  Hotels and Restaurants in Barbados.

And finally, Greece in December where I swept through the Peloponnese: posts include The Nafplion komboloï museumPilgrimage to Bruce Chatwin’s grave, and Greece: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (a story of stupidity, success and spite).

Travel plans for 2013 include more of Greece, plus Germany, Poland and Cameroon. Stay tuned and Happy New Year.