I spent five days as a guest of the Royal Westmoreland gated community in Barbados, attracted by the fact that I would be straying in one of the houses of the sports personalities that have made the resort their home. They were all allured by the award-winning golf course where I was coached in the game by Canadian 2011 PGA champion Roger Beale.

I stayed in Stuart Pearce‘s house below, opposite the houses of Steve McLaren and David O’Leary. This being an international weekend, Sam Allardyce drove past in a buggy; he was guest of Freddy Shepherd the former chairman of Newcastle Utd.

Of course I had to check out Wayne Rooney‘s house. It is the biggest in the estate, with six bedrooms, a cottage and a great view over the 13th tee.

But I mostly enjoyed Michael Vaughan‘s villa. Mainly because he leaves his cricketing paraphernalia in the house. His house, like all the above and more, are all for rent.

All in all, a VIP cracker of a trip!