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In memory of Hector Babenco

Still from the movie Pixote

RIP Hector Babenco, my favourite South American film director (Pixote, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Carandiru). I was lucky enough to hear him talk in the London Film Festival when he presented Carandiru in 2003. Most people – including myself – first came across Brazilian cinema with the 1981 film Pixote, a Cannes Festival stunner. […]

Sound Of Music Locations map

A rare glimpse of the Nonnberg nuns behind the grille. They can be heard singing vespers around 5pm most days.

Here is a map of the locations around Salzburg used for the Sound Of Music. The aerial locations in the beginning of the film are general shots from the area of Salzkammergut, not shown here. 1. M√∂nchsberg Observation terrace Maria and the kids sing Do-Re-Mi with the beautiful view of Salzburg below. 2. Bridge over […]