A rare glimpse of the Nonnberg nuns behind the grille. They can be heard singing vespers around 5pm most days.

A rare glimpse of the Nonnberg nuns behind the grille. They can be heard singing vespers around 5pm most days.

Here is a map of the locations around Salzburg used for the Sound Of Music. The aerial locations in the beginning of the film are general shots from the area of Salzkammergut, not shown here.

1. Mönchsberg Observation terrace
Maria and the kids sing Do-Re-Mi with the beautiful view of Salzburg below.

2. Bridge over the Salzach
Decorated with curtains Maria and the kids sing Do-Re-Mi emerging from the footbridge.

3. Mirabell Gardens
Statues and flowers during the Do-Re-Mi song.

4. Do-Re-Mi Steps
Maria and the kids jump up and down in the Mirabell Garden gate’s steps.

5. Frohnburg palace
Used as the exterior façade of the von Trapp villa (but the garden and the lake belonged to Leopoldskron Palace).

6. Schloss Leopoldskron.
Used to shoot the Trapp Villa garden and the lake. This is where the boat overturned.

7. Best location to take a photo of the Leopoldskron palace.
You can’t get in the Leopoldskron Palace’s grounds anymore, so drive here for the best camera shot.

8. Gazebo used in 16 Going on 17
Moved from outside Leopoldskron palace. Only the exterior was used; the interior scenes were shot in the studio.

9. Avenue with trees where the von Trapp children were hanging out from.
This is when the Captain and the Baroness were driving home.

10. Nonnberg Abbey
Maria’s nunnery including the original gates and the graves she is seen running through in the beginning. It also has the best view of Untersberg mountain where the opening scene is shot.

11 Horse Fountain
Horse Fountain on von Karajan Square which Julie Andrews approaches during “I have confidence”.

12. Residenzplatz.
It contains the fountain which Julie Andrews splashes during “I have confidence”. It’s also the square draped in Nazi flags where a troop of soldiers are seen marching through towards the end of the film.

13. Old Market
This is where Julie Andrews takes the kids and tries to juggle oranges. And fails.

14. Mondsee
Although the real Maria married the Captain at Nonnberg Abbey, the marriage sequence was shot in Mondsee Cathedral.

15. Salzburg Festival Hall
Still serving as the Salzburg Festival Hall, this is where the von Trapps won their music award.

16. St Peter’s Cemetery
Where the family was supposed to hide from the Nazis; used as inspiration only. The shots and graves were built in the studio.

.. and some locations from real life

17. Hotel Bristol
Christopher Plummer and Charmian Carr (Liesl) stayed here; she was 21 so she didn’t stay with the kids. Plummer used to play the piano in the foyer, which you can still see today.

18. Hotel Sacher
This is where Julie Andrews and her daughter stayed – though the hotel was called Österreichischer Hof then. Friedrich (Nicholas Hammond) turned 14 during the shooting and he had his party in the reception rooms.

19. Villa Trapp
The original Villa Trapp. As the Captain had an Italian passport, the Nazis couldn’t confiscate it after he left, so it was occupied by Himmler who built the wall around it. After the Captain died in 1947, it was sold to the Catholic order of the Congregation of the missionaries of the precious blood. They still own the place, licensed to operate as a hotel.

20. Aigen rail station
At the bottom of the huge Villa Trapp Garden is the Aigen train station. This is where the Trapps fled from and went to Italy because the Captain had Italian nationality. From there, they flew to America where they settled in Vermont.