I have been to Brazil six times, have written three books about it and participated in a multimedia project with the Discovery Channel. Here are all my posts on Brazil.

Brazilian flag

First, a tip for the England football fans in Manaus

And another, for Belo Horizonte

Then we can continue.

The Brazilian flag
Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden
The Trouble with Alicia
Paraty: Masons and Pirates in Brazil
An Ode to Rio
Costa Verde: The Black Fly of Ilhabela
Surf’s Up in Guarujá
Porto Seguro: Brazil’s Discovery Coast

The second edition of my book Brazil: Life, Blood, Soul is now available on Kindle.

Chapada Diamantina: Brazil’s adventure playground

Steaming Salvador
Sounds of Salvador carnival 2012
Images of Salvador Carnival 2012
Salvador: Pelourinho
Down and Out in São Paulo
Photo Essay: Brazilians
Cool São Paulo


From other publications and websites:

TNT magazine: Brazil Carnival
Chapada Diamantina
Steaming Salvador
São Paulo Nights
Meeting the Gods in Candomblé
People Watching in Ipanema
Discovery Channel: Explore Brazil Huge project I was involved in. All text here is mine. Check out also the credits for some cool images of mine.