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Best and Worst of the Cyclades

Best hotels I stayed in: Chez Sophie Santorini, Polikandia Folegandros, Grotta Naxos Best food: Milos, Mykonos, Syros. Best restaurants I ate in: Filippos Kea (grill), Baboulas Mykonos, Floisvos (Milos), Simos (Sifnos). Best single meal: Baboulas Mykonos (Mussels cooked in seawater is out of this world). Best view: Santorini caldera from Akrotiri (not from Oia). Best […]

Trekking on Mount Olympus

Prionia Litohoro Greece

Only 1hr 15min by comfortable bus from Salonika and є14  return, stands the village of Litóhoro, gateway to the Mount Olympus National Park. The full ascent is a two-day endeavour in June-August, but there are numerous hiking trails around the park, one of which is the 12Km/5hr  moderate climb to Prionia, starting by the small […]

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park

Patagonia is like the Gobi desert except that in the desert there is more life. Admittedly, the Gobi has no national parks like Torres del Paine. Then again Patagonia has that wind, that interminable blustery airstream. But the wind and the cold receded and that I saw TdP in perfect weather. Not many have. Bruce […]