lbsMy first book Brazil: Life, Blood, Soul was published by Summersdale in June 2003. It is a very personal travelogue through Brazil, with social and historical commentary. The reviews and comments from the readers  were very positive, and I am ever so grateful to them. I think that the greatest endorsements were by the Brazilian Embassy in London that included Brazil in its website as ‘recommended reading’ and by Cardiff University where the book was on the reading list for Latin American studies. It has even made the Wikipedia list of books to read about Brazil.

It appeared in various guises as a blog on my first website but when I finished it, I sent to four publishers/agents and got two positive responses. I should add that the original was 250,000 words and it was cut down to 200,000. A complete chapter on Natal was cut and the cuts really show, I think, in the first three chapters, especially Chapter 3. I have never been satisfied with that one. I actually wanted to cut the Ilhéus chapter and the stuff about Gabriela, but my editor insisted that it be included.

in 2011 the copyright reverted to me and the edition is out of print. After eight years, I think the book had a good innings. A new Kindle edition with a new Preface and a little bit of tarting up of the prose was out in February 2012.

The cover photo is mine, the art by Paul Belford