The Propylaia, Acropolis of Lindos

The Propylaia, Lindos, Rhodes

The Elgin Marbles

Christopher Hitchen and the Elgin marbles

Greek Tourism

How to Complain if your Credit Card has Been Overcharged in Greece

Greek Tourism 2014

Greek Crisis

Lord Byron sign, Hora, Ios

Lord Byron taverna, Ios

Returning to my hometown after a year’s absence – how it has changed for the worse.

Athens part I: the bad news

… but not everything is so bad!

Athens Reasons to be Cheerful, Part II

There are several myths about the Greek crisis that need to be confronted.

Greek Myths Part One

A misleading title: this is a hard-nosed essay on Greek productivity.

Why is Coffee so Expensive in Greece?

Entering into the realm of the absurd.

Greek Comedy: Paying Tax

Greek Taxes: a Minoan Labyrinth

Events have probably overtaken this post before it was even posted, but read nevertheless; I am not mincing my words.

Greek Crisis – what next?