Well, half of Milos actually, but since we started with high winds and uncertain as to how our trip will end, it felt like we rounded the whole island. No boats dared leave Milos’s main port, Adámas in the morning but Captain Michális’s Pánormos. But it was my day off (I’m here researching for the Rough Guides, and it’s hard work!) so I just had to make something out of it. Guess what? The sun came out, the wind subsided and Captain Michális chose three sheltered bays for swimming.

My free day out turned out fab.

The boat took us from Adámas in the north to Kléftiko, a bay in the south, the lair of the Pirates of the Aegean. Not as famous as their Caribbean counterparts, but equally nasty.

So, here is the day trip you should expect if you pay 4o euros.

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