This year’s model

So, it is the Jolly Traveller (or maybe traveler to catch those so important US bots). I was inspired my my friend David Whitley’s Grumpy Traveller, one of the best travel blogs in existence. I thought, hell, there needs to be a jolly equivalent, although he certainly is cheerier than me sometimes and I am much grumpier than he is, especially when I have had little sleep.


The Jolly Traveller also sounds like the name of a pub. I like that. This is what the style will be like: a pub chat on the more obscure places in the world.

Bear with me while I transfer a lot of travel write-ups from my old, simple website to the new one.

PS. I tried many synonyms to jolly and nearly called my blog The Gay Traveller, but that would have been either too 1950s in meaning or too 1990s in protest, so I decided against it.