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Many people have asked me how I prepare for a trip. I have a full list of things to pack and do and I print it out. Apart from certain special safety precautions which I won’t divulge, here is my full trip list. I check it first a few days before, but mostly I pack on the previous day.

  • passport
  • tickets
  • driving licence
  • insurance certificate / health insurance card for EU
  • cash UK and foreign, credit card, debit card
  • if I have a country SIM – a dongle
  • paracetamol, Mycil, Piriton, itching cream, bandages, antiseptic cream
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving foam, razor, shampoo, deodorant
  • socks, pants,  two pairs of shoes, shirts, T-shirts, two pairs of glasses and sunglasses, condoms
  • guide to country/maps
  • at least one pullover
  • tropics: immunisation certificate, malaria tablets, water purification tablets, mosquito repellent, trilby hat
  • jeans, shorts
  • camera, camera batteries, battery charger, binoculars if wildlife trip
  • earplugs
  • addresses, contacts, pens, notebook
  • if warm destination: suntan cream, shorts, swimming trunks, sandals
  • calling cards
  • turn down heating, switch off LAN
  • ‘special safety precautions’.
  • clear fridge
  • bins out
  • smartphone + charger and plug adaptor for country
  • netbook, mouse and charger – charge batteries!
  • transfer latest bookmarks to netbook and document versions to Dropbox.
  • backup main laptop

I may decide to add to this list (eg a suit if I am going to a function) or more likely subtract (if not gpoing to the tropics) but this is the complete list to choose from.