Aegean Arts Circle Workshop THREE with travel writer JOHN MALATHRONAS in Andros

2013 Sept. 1st  – 6th

Kypri Beach, Andros

Kypri Beach, Andros

Workshop Description: 

Travel writing workshop: Using ANDROS as a “live subject” participants will learn about  note taking, avoidance of clichés, concentrating on people rather than yourself, editing, research. This is more or less useful for any writing assignment.

Travel Journalism  pitching, the role of PRs, copy writing, advertorial, the state of the industry, exhibitions, WTM, strategy, guidebooks. This is particular to travel writing.

Social media:  travel blogging, Twitter, Facebook, again the state of the industry,  software and apps, which ones to go for, exhibitions (TBEx and TBU), strategy. General info for any writing assignment with focus on travel writing.

Images:  travel writers are now expected to provide images, so some basics about composition and taking publishable photographs: from sloping horizons to the rule of thirds, cropping and free software to use for slight corrections. Picasa (free) will be the software employed.

What participants will get out of  it.

Generally out of pitches and stories received by magazines, only 1 % get accepted. The intention is to make the attendees get a better hit rate. The tone of the seminar will be mostly practical.

Writing improvements. Such as avoidance of florid language, clichés, topic sentences etc.

Travel Industry knowledge. Where and how to find jobs, organisations to join, pay expectations, building up a portfolio etc.

Marketing.  How they can develop a social media strategy.

Images. Although this is not a photography workshop, they will all be able to compose better pictures, at the minimum.

Price includes room rates in a  five-star hotel on Andros. More details and registration at Aegean Arts Circle .