I’d forgotten how beautiful the Sikinos Chora is until I watched my video again.

Chora is what the main town is called on each island of the Cyclades. It is normally built inland around a “Kastro” which is not necessarily a castle, but a fortified compound that can sometimes be composed of houses of the same height with no windows outwards and roofs sloping inwards to collect water in a case of siege. And sieges there were many, mainly from pirates.

This is a short section of a walk through the whitewashed houses and flowery courtyards of the Sikinos Chora. The town is split into two opposing slopes. You can glimpse the twin town opposite, in the beginning of the video.

Listen to how remarkably quiet it all is.

The second video is a steep drive down from the Chora to the port, Allopronia (where I stayed) through a typical Cyclades landscape.

You bet filming was not that easy. Apologies to everyone in advance, this is a first for me; I am a photographer, not a video maker, and this post is kind of experimental..