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Travel During Elections Abroad

Greek election posters in Patras

Generally as a tourist you’d probably tend to avoid travelling to a country during an election period, but as a traveller who goes on three-week plus trips, sometimes, you can’t avoid them. I’ve been in four elections in four different countries. In 1997, I witnessed a phenomenon rarer than El Niño: Chilean Parliamentary elections – only […]

Sound Of Music Locations map

A rare glimpse of the Nonnberg nuns behind the grille. They can be heard singing vespers around 5pm most days.

Here is a map of the locations around Salzburg used for the Sound Of Music. The aerial locations in the beginning of the film are general shots from the area of Salzkammergut, not shown here. 1. Mönchsberg Observation terrace Maria and the kids sing Do-Re-Mi with the beautiful view of Salzburg below. 2. Bridge over […]

Lee Kuan Yew: my obituary

Three faces of Singapore: Traditional, Colonial and Modern

When everything is said and done, and whatever his contradictions, I am a big admirer of Lee Kuan Yew, R.I.P. There are very few people who’ve had such a massive impact on their societies but that impact is very often negative (see Mao or Stalin). When all is said and done, I’m sure that LKY’s […]

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