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On the trail of Chatwin in Gaiman, Patagonia

Chatwin and the Williams family. L: the family's pic R: Chatwin's own pic of the scene.

“Of course people remember Chatwin,” says Waldo. “He was always in shorts. We had never seen a grown man in shorts before.” Waldo Williams is the Director of Tourism in Gaiman and, like most people in this part of Patagonia’s Chubut province, he’s a descendant of the old Welsh families who settled here in 1865. […]

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Sherlock Holmes in Switzerland

Conan Doyle Place, Meiringen

It’s common knowledge that Holmes and Moriarty fell to their deaths by the Reichenbach falls; most people also know that the falls are in Switzerland. But few Sherlock fans could place them on a map and fewer still have been there. The Reichenbach Falls are a short, brisk walk from the centre of Meiringen in […]

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Paraty: Masons and Pirates in Brazil

Nossa Senhora das Dores paraty brazil

The colonial town of Paraty (or, as locals spell it, Paratí, with the accent on the last syllable), has been my secret Brazilian embarrassment. It is only now, on my sixth trip to Brazil, that I managed to visit it. As it is the first tourist stopover outside Rio, everyone assumed this Brazil expert who’d […]

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