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Stroganoff: The palace, the Count, the dish

Stroganoff Palace, St Petersburg

One of the first things I did in my trip to St Petersburg is to try the local Beef Stroganoff. And as my hotel was on the junction of the Moika Embankment and Nevsky Prospekt, I was a stone’s throw away from the Stroganoff Palace itself, pink and sassy, still as exuberant today as it […]

Two Crime and Punishment translations compared

Tolstoy's grave

I still remember the impact some books had on me in my youth and Crime and Punishment was one of them. Ever since I read it, I’ve wanted to travel to its locations in St Petersburg. Now that this day approaches at last, I bought it again to re-read it. It is because I remembered […]

Travel During Elections Abroad

Greek election posters in Patras

Generally as a tourist you’d probably tend to avoid travelling to a country during an election period, but as a traveller who goes on three-week plus trips, sometimes, you can’t avoid them. I’ve been in four elections in four different countries. In 1997, I witnessed a phenomenon rarer than El Niño: Chilean Parliamentary elections – only […]

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